About Dhruvatara

Dhruvatara started as a mission to develop nature consciousness in the youth of today. We believe that an intimate connect of the youth with Nature is a great way to nurture future Leadership. The self-leadership that will emanate from this endeavor possesses the potential to change the face of the planet.

Nature provides a rich platform for self developement in children, where they can inculcate the habit of influencing their thinking, feelings and behavior to achieve their objective. It imbibes within children, the ability to acknowledge, understand and be conscious of one’s own values, strengths, weaknesses and perspective. Young minds - when exposed to nature - become aware of the big picture. They develop more ecological Intelligence in themselves. Nature has a great power to heal both body and Mind. Today's children when healed through nature will develop into Free and Responsible adults.

Dhruvatara is an integrated out of school program conducted during vacation time, to develop a complete - nature mindfulness in youth from 9-18 years of age. Dhruvatara is about connecting Soil, Soul, Self and Society - a mission to enhance intimacy between nature and children.

Dhruvatara is a mission to enhance intimacy between nature and children. We believe children and nature in its unadulterated form need to be together for holistic development of every child. However, Dhruvatara is not a regular nature camp. Dhruvatara is a camp, where children connect with nature with a higher consciousness and create generative bonds that last a lifetime. This bonding will happen away from home, amidst forests, where children will learn the sound of silence, the dance of water and the being of Earth.

Our Vision is to develop our children to be ecologically conscious leaders of tomorrow. Leaders - having a plentiful mindset that comes from deeper connection with Nature; and having a deeper connection with self, leading to courage of self-leadership.

Idea Generators

  • Rashmi Dixit

    Rashmi Dixit

    Rashmi is the founder of Infinite International and Dhruvatara. Her work with Leaders as part of Infinite opened up her quest to understand patterns that were being formed in childhood, that impacted adult lives. Her quest gave rise to curiosity and she imagined and conceptualised Dhruvatara., A space for Children to connect with self leadership using nature as an essential medium. She believes that Nature is the best teacher and if we develop capability to listen to it deeply, we can open new awareness to who we are. And who we wish to be. Rashmi is a ICF(International Coach Federation) accredited Transformational Coach, She is also a Coach faculty with LTW India and works extensively with the senior management to Coach, discuss, debate and design some of the most detailed strategies for implementing behavioral changes across the organizations and communities

  • Jasmine


    Brought up by a Chinese mother, and an English father, Jasmine credits her strong sense of empathy and compassion to her experience being brought up in two different cultures, encouraging her to always understand from multiple different perspectives and to remain curious.Jasmine became a Certified Professional Coach in 2014 through the Coaching for Transformation (ICF certified). She has since developed her coaching skills to be integrated into outdoor environmental programs and leadership training for young people. Her focus is to empower and awaken students to their own resourcefulness, resilience, and compassion, much of which is reflected in our natural environment. Jasmine is trained in Permaculture Design, which is born from the wisdom of the natural environment and can also be applied to our personal values system. Her deep yearning for knowledge and growth has taken her around the world to be certified in courses such as eco-therapy practice, the energy of nature, mindfulness and nature connection.

  • Lavanya Singh

    Lavanya Singh

    Lavanya is a Nature Tourism expert and an organizational leadership facilitator. She believes that fairies and angels speak to us through nature only if we listen. In her own words "Dhruvatara is a sacred space like Mother Nature's lap, which is safe, warm, fun, playful, magical, joyous and cozy for every wonderful child of the Universe, I am one of those children as well. It's this kind of sacred spaces which helps me become aware of my rhythm and discover the magic of nature; how it holds, embraces and lives within me. In this journey and brief moments, I have discovered my life rhythm and tuned in with Mother nature's rhythm, this has healed me, defined my essence and given life a beautiful new meaning. When every Dhruvatara member contributes to the goodness of each child, Mother nature works through them ..."

  • Sharmila Dennis

    Sharmila Dennis

    MSc in Statistics, MICA certification in media Planning, EQ certification from Six Seconds, life coach certification from Leadership that works Although having followed a steady career path for the past 23 years, she has completely varied interests in life which she follows with no guilt and equal passion. In the advertising business for over 2 decades, she has worked with some of the largest brands in the country planning media and strategy for clients. She continues to work in understanding brands and consumers and it is one of her passions to work with research and build stories from numbers. Her journey has pushed her towards coaching especially the motivation to do the best for her own two children and the desire to break norms and follow her dreams. Her long term goal is to help people to not templatise their lives based on their surroundings but to help them break free to do what they long to achieve.

  • Jagrati


    Jagruti Gala lives in Baroda, Gujarat. She considers herself an agent of transformation and is thrilled to constantly push the edge of the consciousness in her own self and in others, in order to create a world of greater fulfillment, compassion and joy! For more than a decade, her central focus has been to bring change into the world of children (new consciousness), through progressive educational spaces and family life. Jagruti is also a certified professional coach and facilitates adults who want to transform their lives towards greater meaning and significance. Jagruti has been trained in education and transformational practices from elite education institutions including Harvard and the Reggio Emilia schools of Italy. Her professional training also spans Coaching for Transformation, Emotional Intelligence, Non Violent Communication, Human Process Work and Appreciative Inquiry. Jagruti enjoys cooking, daydreaming, singing, and cinema and avoids exercise.

  • Shantanu Pandit

    Shantanu Pandit

    Shantanu has over 25 years of outdoor education experience across corporate experiential learning, adventure tourism. He is Head of Outreach Programmes at the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education of Woodstock School, Mussoorie. Risk Management Projects for adventure services of various organizations Hiking, rock climbing & peak climbing in the Himalaya (30+ years) He had done his Basic Mountaineering Course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, India, and is Qualified & worked as instructor at a) National Outdoor Leadership School, U.S.A. (since 2000) and b) Aerie Backcountry Medicine, U.S.A. (since 2015) He has been a Coordinator & member of ‘Experts Committee’ that evolved safety guidelines for land based adventure activities which were submitted to State Government of Maharashtra.

  • Tarsh Williams

    Tarsh Williams

    Tarsh Williams has a post graduate degree in Human Resource Management from Christ College and a graduate in Natural Sciences. He is a member of ISABS and has certifications in NLP, Andragogic Experiential Learning, Art of Facilitation, Gestalt OD, Transactional Analysis and NVC. He comes with a work experience of over 18 years having held pivotal management roles in HR Consulting, IT and ITES. Tarsh is the founder-director of TrueNature Learning Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Tarsh is certified mountaineer and outdoor educator. In India, he has completed his mountaineering course at ABVIMAS and Himalayan Trip Leading with NOLS, India. He also completed his Outdoor Educator Semester at NOLS, USA. Tarsh is certified in Wilderness First Aid. He loves to climb, hike and discover the secrets the wilderness has to offer. Before venturing with TrueNature, he has facilitated programs with Pegasus, Wildcraft and iDiscoveri in India, Dragonfly in Hong Kong and Windsor Mountain in the US. In his spare time, he volunteers in Wildlife Conservation with KANS.

  • Shalaka Kamat

    Shalaka Kamat

    Shalaka is a people outreach expert in Dhruvatara. She is an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Management Institute and has held crucial leadership positions at Tata Chemicals & Tata Tea. Shalaka is a child at heart and loves adventure, games, and pranks. She believes that people need to run free in order to be happy.

  • Nivedita Chaman

    Nivedita Chaman

    Nivedita is an engineer by education and has worked in the IT industry for 13 years. She has played a varied set of roles from designer to project management solution architect etc. People management was an essential that cut across all her leadership roles and the coaching interest from there has pulled her into the coaching world. She is a wanderer at heart and a dreamer by habit and a metamorphic learner by choice. She left her IT career to do work of her passion. She is a traveler, amateur photographer, and writer. She has traveled several countries and trekked the Himalayas and continues to travel to get her share of nature connects and learning. Apart from being a certified associate leadership & executive coach and NLP practitioner, she is working on writing projects for children books. She has been part of the Dhruvatara learning programs since September '16 and children love her energy and enthusiasm. She brings her own sunshine wherever she goes.

  • Shalaka Kamat

    Snigdha Dixit

    Snigdha has done MBA in travel and tourism and has vast experience in online management. She is an avid traveler and has traveled to various parts of the country and around the world.She has great skill in accessing the current reality of individuals and organizations and moving them through the action steps needed to build a viable future. She believes that the company can gain momentum if a healthy environment is provided where people can thrive. She believes if you Connect with your values, your beliefs, and live them fully. Your spiritual practice, whether meditation, prayer, fellowship, or kindness; will get you through and help you be your greatest self. Nature is able to show us true beauty without modifications, exaggerations, and falseness. We need to get away from the idea that nature is “out there,” and get 'out there in nature' and get into nature within.