Level 1 – Self and Nature

Celebrating our love for nature by letting the rain splash on our face or catching snowflakes on our tongue is as much tradition as it is nutrition for our mental health. We are outdoor animals, and nature inspires us to be ourselves in the purest form.

For Children from 9 years of age onwards

These camps include - Connecting with Self and Nature through various activities, which include ease with adventure, meditative practices, value of moment and nature consciousness

Objective – Connect with their resourcefulness and wholeness, thus becoming confident individuals. Understand human and nature connect in a way that ill invigorate them.

Level 2 – Building Sustainable Communities

In this level, children are given a chance to discover how to cooperatively reconnect their reasoning and senses to their nurturing origins in nature's restorative vigor, intelligence and peace.

For Children who have attended at least three Level 1 camps involving all activities age 12 years onwards

These camps include - Learning Life skills for self, nature and community sustenance. The activities include hands-on skill based activities like Jeep repair, carpentry, stitching, water harvesting, Biofuel production, Using water, solar and wind energy in communities etc. these are based on choice of the student. It also includes community work like building using natural materials, painting, tree planting, planning, organising, time management, learning barter, negotiation, team work and Leadership. The core theme continues to be in balance with self, others, nature and planet.

Objective – To learn how to create sustainable communities keeping nature in mind. Understand how to utilize nature’s resources in a meaningful way. Learn the skills to develop interpersonal relationships in a way that helps in community development.

Level 3 – Purposeful Living

Practicing mindfulness through nature. Understanding our needs gives us a new way of responding to ourselves. Our values are connected to self-compassion, because living in line with our values is an act of self-connection and self-nurturing

For Children who have attended three Level 2 camps involving all activities age 16 years onwards

These camps include - Understanding Needs and Values, Brain science, Mindfulness, Value of Balance, Understanding shadows and Vision quest

Dhruvatara Leadership Certificate - Dhruvatara Graduates can apply for Internship program at Dhruvatara later to learn facilitation and program management skills

Objective – Discovering their purpose and vision through various programs specially designed by Dhruvatara. Understanding needs and values is a central part of cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.


One night two day programs are conducted once in a year in the month of July, for parents to experience camp life with children

All the levels are optional, and a child may choose to opt for level1 camp only, or may wish to continue for Level 1 and 2 but not Level 3 or may choose all three levels and get a Dhruvatara Leadership Certificate.

Dhruvatara Mentorship Program

Dhruvatara Self-Leadership Mentoring- Life Coaching program is a one-on-one mentor relationship that your child goes through to understand and imbibe important lessons about Self and interactions with the world. The principles of these one-on-one interactions are based on permaculture principles of mindful leadership.

These interactions give your child a safe space to voice fears, dreams,hurt etc. to an expert, who is qualified as an International life coach. Your children in the mentorship program initially get attention for ten sessions in which they become more self-aware and their interactions with people.

The topics that may be included in the mentorship program are

  • Confidence and connection
  • Intra and Interpersonal skills
  • Community and Development
  • Purpose and vision
  • Brain science for Teenagers
  • Handling conflicts and decision making
  • Understanding and accepting Needs and Values
  • Power, Privilege, Race, Rank and culture- Accepting diversity
  • Nature and permaculture consciousness

To know more contact Sharmila on 9823301150 or Rashmi on 7738097207

Internship and Volunteer program

Dhruvatara promotes self learning through internship and volunteer program. If you are a person who loves connection with self and nature, then come along. You will learn to lead and to serve.